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Resource Library Help Guide

The ATAA Resource Library is a valuable collection of information that provides a wealth of online materials to help you learn and stay informed about the latest developments within technical analysis. The library contains hundreds of articles, presentations, and videos that cover a wide range of topics related to technical analysis, including chart patterns, trend analysis, indicators, risk management, and much more.

The library contents are accessible via 3 options.

1) The Presentations by Date option allows you to view ATAA meetings held in reverse chronological order (latest first). All available presentations for that meeting are grouped together. Each page corresponds to 1 year and previous years can be found by clicking on the year at the top of the page. Click on the green meeting description bar to view details and then the underlined blue link to view the video.

2) The library folder structure allows users to view presentations by speakers and specific event & groups in a list format and can be found within the top level Member Resource Folder. Additionally there are also previous issues of ATAA and IFTA publications. Click on the folder names to expand and view its contents.

3) Users may also search the library to find resources by any word or phrase that appears in a presentation title or description field by entering data in the Search Text field. E.g. "ichimoku", "trend analysis" or a speaker name.  The Search Text field can also be used to find presentations by month using the format "AAA99" where AAA is the first 3 letters of a month and 99 is the year. e.g. Feb23 or Mar22 (note there is no space between the month and year). The Document Tag pull down option allows for presentations by a location, group or high level topic. E.g. "Melbourne Chapter Meeting" or "Psychology".  

If you are using the folder or search method to find a presentation, click on the resource document name to view an expanded description. (Click on the images below for an example.)

If you have access to this resource, there will be a green arrow in the top right corner. By pressing this button, a "link page" will be made available in your browser. Click the blue link on this page which will take you to a video presentation page, including any other attachments for that presentation, if they exist.

All users of the website have visibility of the library resource descriptions, however you must be a member to access actual presentations.